Dura-Pellet™ is changing the pelleted feed production game.

At Agmine we recognize that your operation is unique and we believe a customized approach is required to deliver maximum results.  Our experienced technical service agents work closely with you to determine the best approach to improve pellet quality and feed mill efficiency.  



Efficiency greatly impacts profitability for farms of all sizes. Dura-Pellet™ delivers greatly increased pellet quality, higher digestibility of energy and protein, greater uniformity of pellets, significantly reduced production of fines, and less feed wastage.

These process improvements result in considerably less pellet waste and markedly improved animal performance via higher quality pellet - key factors in running a profitable farming business.  



Dura-Pellet™ allows mills to enjoy measurably improved feed manufacturing efficiency, less energy consumption and significantly improved feed bio-security.

These manufacturing factors allow mills to produce a higher quality pellet with 10-25% improved PDI,  benefit from reduced energy consumption, experience less equipment wear and tear and enjoy greater production capabilities.


Innovation with proven results.


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Pellet Quality 

  • Higher PDI (10-25%) 
  • Lower Pellet Hardness (30%)

Feed Bio-Security  

  • Mold Inhibitor

Feed Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Greater Throughput / Production Efficiency (avg. 10-25%)
  • Less Energy Consumption (5-10%)
  • Less Maintenance and Wear on Equipment

Feed Efficiency

  • Less Shrinkage, Wastage 
  • Reduction of % of fines

Animal Performance

  • Higher Digestibility of Energy and Protein
  • Greater Uniformity